Nansana Municipality

  1. Nansana is a town in the Central Region of Uganda, located in the Wakiso District and is one of the five municipalities in the district. Nansana is located on the main highway between Kampala and Hoima, the Kampala-Hoima Road. The town is approximately 12 kilometers (7 mi), by road, north-west of Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city.This is approximately 9 kilometers (6 mi), by road, south of Wakiso, the location of the district headquarters. The coordinates of the town are 0°21’50.0″N, 32°31’43.0″E (Latitude: 0.363889; Longitude: 32.528611).
  2. In 2002, the national population census put Nansana’s population at 62,044. In 2010, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) estimated the town’s population at 86,200. In 2011, UBOS estimated the mid-year population at 89,900. In 2014, the national population census put the population at 365,124.
  3. Nansana is a high-density working-class neighborhood.
  4. The economic activities in Nansana are influenced by its proximity to Uganda’s Capital city Kampala.
  5. The following are the available opportunities for investment in Nansana;
  • Health care,
  • Infrastructure development,
  • Public transportation systems; i.e. buses, trains, cars, among others,
  • Urban agriculture and food processing,
  • Waste management
  • Sustainable environment and land use,
  • Land scaping and design,

Education sector (providing scholastic materials and learning aids, improving school infrastructure, among others