Building plan fees

What are building plan fees?

Nansana municipal council is mandated to approve all plans for all the developments in its jurisdiction through physical planning unit at a fee depending on the size of the plan.

What building plan is approved?

The plot where the building is must be 50 by 100 ft. with a land tittle that shows ownership of the land, However Nansana municipal council approved prototype plans that are less than 50 by 100 ft. in Nabweru and Nansana divisions due to the effects of expansion of the city.

How is payment done?

A developer must apply for plan approval to the municipality through the physical planner and below are the requirements needed for application;

  • Photocopy of the Land tittle
  • Draft plan(blue print)  stamped by the  architecture
  • Sight investigation report  from the health inspector
  • A receipt generated on IRAS (this is got after payment of an assessment made by the physical planner is done)

The developer is expected to wait for two (2) weeks after application is done.

Why are these fees paid?

To reduce illegal developments/structures in Nansana municipality

To generate revenue for the municipality in order to deliver services to the community like road constructions, garbage collection etc.